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As you see, this site hasn't been updated for a long time. This is not because I quit making music, but, on the contrary, because music and musical journalism started taking too much time. Nowadays I play in several bands, DJ in clubs and write for numerous Russian musical magazines.

Furthermore, the format of a static web-site is obsolete now, all the activity has moved towards various web 2.0 resources. So, if you found this page, here is the list of links providing more up-to-date information on my activity including muisc and journalism.

Ambidextrous "Elephant Effect" - my latest album.

Ambidextrous @ Bandcamp - all recent releases and some older ones are here, listen online and download.

Ambidextrous @ Soundcloud - visit this page to listen to some new unreleased material.

Ambidextrous @ - Detailed and regularly updated Ambidextrous discography. Albums, singles, remixes, compilation appearances and so on.

Nick Zavriev @ - Here you can look at the list of musical projects where I participate.

organickloud @ livejournal - my blog. It's in Russian (sorry, English-speaking friends), but I guess it is readable through google translate. It is almost entirely about music. Show announcements, gig and album reviews and a little bit of idle thoughts.

organickloud @ - via my account you can check what I am m listening to.

Ambidextrous @ myspace - not so regularly updated, but you can listen to the music and watch some videos.

Jermook @ myspace - my band Jermook. There's me on electronics, the bass player Don and singer Arusyak. We play a mixture of armenian folk music, trip-hop and electropop.

Jermook @ bandcamp - Official releases from Jermook, streamable and downloadable.

Dream Mechanics @ myspace - the band led by Ilya Richter with me on keyboards. Richter calles our music "post-psychedelic".

Light Under Water @ myspace - Now defunct band led by Dima Pilot of Bosch's With You. Two electric guitars plus me on keyboards, no rhythm section. Halfway between ambient and post-rock.

Nick Zavriev @ - My articles (also in Russian, sorry) written for the oldest russian musical web-zine called "".

Thanks for coming!

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